Saturday, April 19, 2008

Update: Guerlain LE Eyeshadow Palette Fleur de Feu

A few days ago, I managed to snag what I thought would be the last Fleur de Feu palette on this side of the earth.

That was until I stepped into Myer at Chadstone today. A quick chat and I went away knowing that 2 more women in this city would walk away with the same palette.

So, just 2 more. Run, dash, fly to Myer today to grab one for yourself. To ensure you're not disappointed, you can call up ahead and have it set aside for you before you make a trip over.

The number for the Guerlain counter: 9567 6266

Happy shopping!

NB: Don't bother with David Jones in Chaddy's. It's not even on the display anymore.


Anonymous said...

how do you like that quad as guerlian e/s are hit and miss and i really didn't bother about it. that palette is so very much well stocked here as i don't think many people are interested due to the price or whatever reason.

i am asking because it's purple, my fav. e/s combo.


g33kchic said...

LOVE the eyeshadows. The texture and all is really lovely although messing up the texture caused a tad of a heart pain. However when you just want to get the colours on to make it to the next train, you really don't have much time to ponder and have a heartache over it.

Sorry to disappoint, there's no purple in the quad. There's the deep silver/grey, light pink, dark brown and deep pink.

Anonymous said...

darn.... i thought it was a pink!!!!!!! thanks a lot. i think i just passed it.