Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Green-Eyed Monster

I'm in the green eyeshadow phase now.

There. I've said it. I love all sorts of greens and with my Bourjois as well as RMK, I'm not easily satisfied.

With Bloom's flagship store opened, I've been making a lot of trips to the store. Blame it on the distance, or lack of. Blame it on the wonderful makeup artist (ask for Alice, she's the sweetest and warmest person ever!) and blame it on the very pretty, very fun and very affordable products.

And, when I saw what she did with her eyes, I immediately went, "I want that look!"

It's a very dramatic look that's not suitable for everyday use but I loved the way she played with the colours and how she built the effect up.

In the end, I bought a couple of items from her, came home and re-created the look.

Shadow liner in electric blue

Eyeshadow in Moss

My way.

I used the shadow liner in Electric Blue to line my eyes. Yes, it's the return of the dreaded electric blue eyeshadow! Trust me on this, it works! Then, I smudged the eyeshadow in Moss (which looks suspiciously like one of the colours I have on RMK, but upon closer inspection, they are completely different!) on the outer corner of the eyes. I blended the colours so that there's a thin line of aqua with a pop of green at the outer eye. Then, I took one of my least-used eyeshadows: Gold by The Face Shop which I got for RM10 or 15. I smudged that along the lash line to blend it with the rest of the liner and slightly into the green. I finish that off with my Dior Ready-to-beige as a highlighter on the brow bone. Brow pencil and mascara to follow as usual.

Pictures will have to come tomorrow because I'm completely swamped with work with the announcement of the new State and Federal budgets, fundings and the new organization structure.

NB: Shryh, how proud are you of me? I'm using eyeshadows from all different brands!


siongee said...

Ahhh I am also really into green sparkly eyeshadows lately!! I am eagerly anticipating the pic!! :)

Anonymous said...

you gotta try lancome green quad 105... no other words for it!

g33kchic said...

I had a look at the lancome quad. the colours seemed very warm, pretty as they were. Besides, i think i've got enough of eyeshadows ><