Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Time to 'fess up!

Instead of reaching for my regular exfoliant today, I wanted something stronger. I reached for my Benefit sample and to my dismay, there was nothing left in the tub!

Muttering to myself that Jen's gonna flip at the puddles of water I was tracking all over the bathroom, I sneaked his The Body Shop facial scrub back into the bathtub.

I squeezed a tiny dollop out, massaged it into a lather and gently spread it all over my face.

The first thing which hit me was the scent. It was rather citrusy and very male. Well, it is the men's range from TBS! I'm usually very gentle and very quick with rough exfoliants. After a couple of circular massages, I quickly rinsed it off. The results: Squeaky clean face. Equate that to a completely unimpressed geek. I'm pretty certain an entire layer of my skin was stripped off by this scrub!

Lesson learnt: No more sneaking skincare from the hubby.

No matter how much I yearn for a tougher scrub every now and then, I don't think I'll ever be going back to this scrub. I'd prefer to stick to my Dermalogica Microfoliant.

So, time to 'fess up.

Have you ever sneaked skincare from your other half before? Would you do it again? What'd you sneak? Does he/she know? Spill the beans!

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Shryh said...

Next time, use his facial scrub as a body scrub, haha!

I've snuck L's facial wash once. I was taking a shower before we had to go out for dinner, which meant that I would be wearing makeup that would need to be taken off later. I didn't feel comfortable NOT cleansing my face before putting on makeup, so I used a dab of his Anthony Logistics facial wash. Also citrusy, but a juicy, mandarin orange citrusy.