Friday, April 18, 2008

NARS Orgasm lip gloss and nail polish gift set.

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Not content with giving us the blusher, lipgloss and the multiple, NARS has taken their most infamous hue to another level -- the nail polish. NARS nail polish in Orgasm is only available in a limited edition set on Sephora for the time-being, but given that this glowy peachy-pink is an easier colour to love than Zulu, which is currently being hunted by the most hard core of hard core polish fanatics since its disappearance, Orgasm will hopefully enter NARS's small but cultish permanent nail polish collection.


Tine said...

I'm not so into the nail polish (well, I don't use nail polish on my fingernails, and I prefer much darker colours on my toes), but dang, I want the lipgloss!

Shryh said...

g33kchic has the gloss, you should ask her about it. :)

g33kchic said...

i'd just sort of finished using that tube some time back. sort of finished in the sense that i couldn't dig anymore out so i tossed the tube away.

the colour: sort of overrated. it makes me look paler with that kind of shimmer but it is a very pretty one to layer over a darker lip colour.

g33kchic said...

i should add too that on our very first meeting that shryh and i had, she gave me that very kind gift: the orgasm gloss :)