Sunday, April 27, 2008

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

To be fair, if you've not hit 25 or if you've not shown any early signs of aging, you can skip this post completely. Or, if you've hit the big 3-'oh', and you've still not got any lines to show on your face, make your exit gracefully while I try my darndest not to kill you.

I made my way to Myer one day to test it out. Well, where I could collect points for my Myer One card too. The sales assistant demonstrated the use of this product to me and when I agreed to make the purchase for a small bottle, she showered me with samples. Moisturizers, eye cream, serums and tossed in a free brow makeover.

The product itself is definitely very rich. Instructions stating that one should use about 3 to 4 drops for the entire face morning and evening but I found that way too rich for me. After a couple of days, I found that I was starting to get tiny little bumps on my face. The bumps could have only come from a product that was too rich. And, I was only using this at night!

I lowered the dosage to 2 tiny drops for the entire face and slathered on my usual Olay evening cream on.

To be honest, ever since I came back, I'd been so wary of lines and new lines that I've been drinking so much water and moisturizing like a maniac the moment I step out of the shower.

One of the easiest ways for me to develop new lines is to have a restless night. Just one night of lack of rest, my skin would be more than happy to shout that out to the rest of the world.

Having started to use this, I've realized that I don't get the tired-skin-look anymore. I might be running on only 6 hours of sleep but my skin is as its usual. Nothing a touch of foundation and highlighter wouldn't help. But, the main secret behind it is this humble little serum.

But, the most amazing thing was this. I happened to see a blackhead at my jaw. It's one of those really rare ones which hardly ever appear but it did. I couldn't leave it alone because I usually get a pretty flawless jawline. So off I went to squeeze and literally made it into a red, angry glaring Mount Etna. Yes, I managed to squeeze what I needed to squeeze out. But the end result was most definitely not worth it. What I did was I focused on that particular area a bit more when I was massaging this serum into my skin.

The next morning: More than 50% less angry.

2 days later: It's completely flattened and not even the slightest red.

I'm converted that way.

It's not cheap. The 30ml (1 o.z.) goes for AUD$100 but with only a couple of drops a night, I foresee I might be able to use this for a long, long time. In fact, when my Olay serum runs out for day use, I might just continue to use this for the day as well. To see if I'd reap any extra benefits from it.

The Estee Lauder Advanced Night repair can be found in almost every major departmental store in the world. I'm told it's much cheaper at duty free stores, so if you've got a friend who leads a jet-setter lifestyle, time to get him or her to do you a favour and try this out for yourself.

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