Thursday, April 12, 2007


In our pursuit for the most perfect mascara (does it even exist?!), both Shryh and I have come across many that have failed us. So much so that it takes no more than 1 use before we decide life is too short crummy mascaras.

I'm listing out, in no particular order, mascaras that have been a complete miss in my life.

1. Mavala Waterproof Mascara in Black

This tube of mascara was bought in Sasa a couple of months back when my stash of HG of mascara was running low. I was so desperate, I was willing to try everything. Though I love the brush, I most absolutely have to say that the waterproof formula is rubbish!

The brush was long and it fits the shape of my eye most perfectly. With the rest of the stubby brushes, I generally have to angle the brush to catch the tiny hairs at the corners of my eyes.

Not with this one. It was long and curved at just the right angle to catch hold of all the tiny hairs with just one sweep.

As for its waterproof formula, getting panda eyes within 3 hours of application is honestly not my idea of waterproof. Having said that, the mascara does not clump at all. It coats each lash pretty evenly but because its failure in keeping my under eyes smudge-free, into the bin it went; save for the brush, of course!

Removing was a cinch, obviously, since most of the mascara had done the migration to my under-eyes.

2. L'oreal Panoramic Curl (Waterproof)

Now, what we have here is really a very queer tube. I don't know what to make of it. The thing is, it is waterproof. But only to a certain extent. It definitely curls, it definitely opens my eyes in a way not many mascaras are able to. I'm just unhappy by the fact that it's not completely waterproof.

And that it was a complete bitch to remove!

Clump factor was there after a few uses so that's another thumbs-down for this.

Into the bin it went, naturally.

So, there we go. I think that marks the end of Mascara Mania on my bit.