Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow in Skinny Jeans

It's been quite a long while since I got this eyeshadow. On days that I'm pressed for time, (e.g. rushing to catch the 725 to Richmond to make it for the 739 Blackburn only to find out bloody Connex has cancelled my 739 and I'd missed my 734 Lilydale. !*(&(#*^(*!&(!*&!!!^@^%@&^%) this is truly a God-send!
Image from benefitcosmetics.com

The colour is most definitely office-friendly. Names of colours on Benefit products aren't usually self-explanatory. I mean, who in the world would understand what sort of colour Skinny Jeans is? Except for yours truly because coincidentally, my first pair of skinny jeans was in dark grey. So, it's close enough. This is shimmery pewter or very dark grey with a tiny hint of green at certain angles. Most definitely office-friendly and I love that the finish is almost the smoky eye but not quite there yet.

The pot is most certainly generous and I have no idea how in the world I'd be able to finish using up every single bit of this eyeshadow. Even if I were to use it everyday, there's really no way one could use up the entire pot before it dries up.

Texture wise, it's very creamy as its name suggests and very, very soft. It is most definitely blendable and almost idiot-proof.

I guess that's where the pros of this product ends. I hate its claim that it's creaseless. It's most definitely not. I prep my lids with the world-reknown Urban Decay Primer Potion and at the end of a 12-hour wear, there's a little hint of creasing. So, one fine day, I decided to test it for its creaseless claim. No primer, nothing to prep the lids. It creased within a couple of hours. To be fair, I do have fairly oily lids but I dislike the claim and aimed to prove it wrong if it's not performing up to its claims.

It's a very easy product to use. I usually use a stiff brush (an eyeliner brush is a good bet) and load it up with the product. I draw a thick line near to the lashline and flicking it out a little as one would do for an eyeliner. Using my finger, I'd blend the colour up towards the crease. With that, I get the liner as well as a shadow effect in one. Then, I'd load up the colour a bit more for the outer corner of the eye and blend it in. Finally, a little lighter colour as a highlight for the brow. My staple for highlighting is Dior Mono shadow in Ready-to-beige. It's a great champagne-y-gold colour that's very subtle.

If I have a little bit more time, I usually go over the colour with a powder shadow in a similar shade. I pick Rock from the Bobbi Brown Stonewashed Nudes palette. The finish is a bit more dramatic compared to using only the cream eyeshadow on its own.

If creasing is not an issue with you then, this is a great everyday office-friendly colour. If you have oily lids, then it's a good idea to find a primer for your lids and then load the product on. Having said all that, it's a pretty good value for money because of the huge pot you get. And, it's a great colour to use that is timeless and suits almost all skin tones.


Anonymous said...

i am veyr fond of new benefit products such as silky-finish lipsticks and these cream shadows. it took our local benefit a long time before they brought this shade in. and it was beautiful.
however, i have not bought a cream eye shadow from benefit (YET) as i am more interested in colours but they are mainly neutrals.
i might though, when i am sick and tired of shiseido HP. :)

Shryh said...

I think they should be quite different from the Shiseido HPs, which are shimmery. These are straight-up cream shadows, and Skinny Jeans is one of their best shades, in my opinion. :) Benefit is very fun -- the two blushes I'ved used in my life are from there!

g33kchic said...

jojoba: skinny jeans is one of a kind when it comes to colour. I've yet to see another shadow in such a shade.

shryh: 2 blushes?! I'd guess dandelion and benetint. What happened to Thrrrob? :)

Anonymous said...

g333kchic and shryh: i did try that shade eventually but i am a girl who is fond of shimmers and glitters and so i passed. neutrals are still very new to me and i am slowly getting used to the idea. so maybe, you will read my review on it one fine day. ha!