Monday, April 07, 2008

Johnson's Silky Skin 24hour Moisture Shower & Shave

If I could do all my shopping online, I would. And, I really mean the proper window shopping kind where I can feel the texture of the eyeshadows, sniff the many complicated notes that make up a beautiful perfume all without having to actually having to leave my home, I'd be the happiest person on earth.

I like the ability of multi-tasking and I love the power of being able to do so much from one location. And, being a huge sucker for novelty products, when I saw this shower cream, I immediately snapped it up.

I'll readily admit too that the pink bottle caught my eye first and foremost. I was in the market for a new shower gel. With winter just peeking its head into our lives, I wanted something creamier to combat the dry and flaky skin that heaters would bring forth.

When I picked the bottle up, it was a double bonus for me to see that it serves as a shaving cream as well! When I saw that, I thought it was definitely worth a buy.

Shower creme is definitely the correct term for it. It was much, much thicker than your regular shower gel. It doesn't lather as well as conventional shower gels but it doesn't bother me. It is very lightly-scented and it'll most definitely not clash with your SOTD.

In the past, I've been shaving with Gilette's shaving cream for women and I always end up getting nicks and cuts. Especially at the leg where there's a sharp joint from the shin to the calves. I was getting sick of stepping out of the shower and see a trail of blood snake down my shin. The sight of blood scares the shit out of me and well, the sight of my own blood, I almost always want to shriek in horror.

I gave this shower creme a try when it comes to shaving and to my utter surprise, it really does provide for a very smooth shave! Definitely no trailing blood. In fact, there wasn't even a droplet of blood!

I cannot find a single fault with this product. It is a wee bit more expensive than the Palmolive range but if it is capable of multi-tasking, I'd be willing to pay for the convenience. It's easily found in all supermarkets and drugstores and most definitely more affordable than your Body Shop shower gel.


Shryh said...

Wow. How do you deal with those nicks? I still have a scar from when I nicked myself in November, and I've been too afraid to pick up the razoe since.

g33kchic said...

Dab the wound with tea tree oil. Pop open a Vitamin E capsule and squeeze the goodies out onto the wound every few hours.