Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cure for acne found?

Well, that's the headline, but the media is sensationalist like that. Scientists, however, seem to have made a significant breakthrough in acne treatment research. The drug, SMT D002 is currently in pill form but plans are underway to make it a topical cream:

Researchers believe it could become as effective a treatment as retinoic acid - a form of vitamin A - which is currently used to treat moderate to severe cases.

However, Roaccutane, the most widely used formulation of retinoic acid, has been linked to suicides among acne sufferers.

SMT D002 produced no significant side-effects when volunteers took it in pill form. Around three in every 10 patients taking retinoic acid do not respond to the drug, leaving many sufferers without an effective treatment.

While I often moan about my skin, I'm incredibly grateful that I don't suffer from chronic cystic acne, although I did come very close about three years ago. Strangers literally stopped me in the streets to recommend the services of their facialists and doctors. This is one development I'm going to be keeping an eye on.

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