Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The moment of truth

"Gawd, your pores are huge from here!"

I apply a layer of Dolce Vita to my lips before blending a minty lip balm on top. With a flourish, I cap the tube and whirl around to face him. "I'm done. Let's go eat. Go go go go GO!"

"You look great," he blurts.

"I DO look better with makeup don't I? Admit it!"

"No, what I mean is that you're good with makeup," he retorts without skipping a beat. I'm very impressed. And sceptical.

"Nice save. You can tell the truth, you know. I think I look better with makeup too."

Most men who say they prefer women without makeup are lying (only women are critical of "porn star" makeup) or have no idea that their "naturally beautiful" partners have at least blush, lipstick, concealer AND mascara on.

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