Thursday, April 10, 2008

Kim Kardashian's many make-up tips.

So Kim Kardashian's famous for... knowing famous people and hanging out with famous people. Whether or not you approve of her Jessica Rabbit style of dressing, you have to admit that she is quite easy on the eye even if you were to judge her from the neck up only. She has the smokey eye look down to a T and a list of her personal make-up tips can be found on her official website. Miss Kardashian is clearly no low-maintenance gal as her routine involves primer, two shades of foundation mixed together, two concealers and two powders. But in the video on the same page, she looks remarkably fresh-faced and young when she talks about toning down her make-up on her reality show as the season progresses. When you have youth and beauty on your side, less is really more.

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