Monday, March 26, 2007

Smokey Eye: The Lazy Way

2 eyes, or 1 if you're inclined that way
Clean fingers
Small eyeshadow brush
Dark grey or black eyeshadow
Light-coloured eyeshadow in shimmery beige, gold or white
Black mascara

Prime and prep the entire eye area as you normally would. I usually dust on a thin layer of powder foundation and a thin layer of white eyeshadow. Powder foundation from Shu Uemura and eyeshadow from Muji.

The black eyeshadow I chose today was Dior Mono Colour in Smoking Black. I simply apply a layer from lash to crease; increasing the intensity depending on the occasion. It's hardly noticable with my eyes open because of my inherited Chinese swollen lids. Using the small eyeshadow brush, clean up the area of any loose shadows and to make a clean line of the shadow. This will make blending much, much easier.

I used Dior Mono Colour in Ready-to-Beige as a highlighter. First, it was the brow area. Then, I used the highlighter to highlight the inner corners of my eyes and blending it into the black shadow. It creates a shimmery darker grey which contrasts nicely with the black.

Finally, using the liner, do a thin line along the base of the lashes. I went over the line with another thin dusting of the black eyeshadow to blend the line into the shadow.

A couple of coats of mascara to further open up the eyes and I'm all set.

It makes my eyes look more deep-set and adds a quirky twist to the normal sheer pales that I don on.

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