Monday, March 26, 2007

Inspired by Shryh: Beauty At Work

Here's what I cart around on a day-to-day basis. Well, on most days, that is.

* Nivea body Whitening Milk but I mainly use this as a hand cream rather than a body lotion. Staying in the tropics has completely freed me from listing body lotion in my shopping list.

* Sunplay Sunscreen in SPF 50+ but unfortunately it's been ages since I'd used this. Maybe, I should to get back that creamy, silky white hands. Quite a lot of trouble. Meh.

* A decant of Ralph Lauren Romance simply because I was wearing Romance today.

* Nars sheer lipstick in Dolce Vita. The Holy Grail of I'm-late-and-what-lipstick-shall-I-wear-today because it works on every single outfit.

* A sample of Dior Diorskin X3 Control Matifying Compact SPF20 because the SA at Dior insisted I tried it. I quite like it and might consider purchasing this when my Shu Uemura runs out. I'd be happier with a pressed powder, honestly. This is good for touching up on those days that I need to head out straight for dinner and drinks after work.

* Dior Mono Colour eyeshadow in Smoking Black because I thought I might need touching up. Silly me! Dior shadows almost never need touching up! I was too busy hunting for a long-nose plier throughout the day, besides. Imagine a rocker chick wannabe running around the office and lab area,"Does anyone have a long nose I can borrow?" No, don't start with nasal jokes. I've had enough! And, this little eyeshadow goes in only because this was also what I was wearing.

* ZA eyebrow pencil in dark brown. This is also good for touching up but my Dior brow pencil in Blonde pretty much lasts through the day and hardly needs any touching up.

* C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine in Pink. From now on, this will always be a staple in my bag because it just goes well with anything and everything. Because it works as a lip balm, lip tint, lip gloss. Because it is tastes so damn good. Because it is like my lip colour but better. Because women who've used it rave on and on about it and for once, I'm glad that I am with the majority!

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