Saturday, March 17, 2007

Dior Blackout

An outing with Shryh is not only educational, it's hugely fun! Filled with coffees, delicious healthy lunches, latest office scandals, latest news on puppies and wedding and most importantly, makeup testing!

At KLCC today, there was a huge space set aside for the launching of the latest black, black, black, black SUPER BLACK Dior mascara. Now, for those who know, my past experiences with Dior mascaras, particularly the hugely-raved upon Diorshow have left me completely wary of their products.

Don't get me wrong. I love their glosses. I love their eyeshadows. I think their perfumes are excellent but I simply cannot say the same about their mascaras. This is another mascara I would thumb my nose at and go,"Water proof, my arse!"

We decided to check out the Dior launching while the crowd hasn't yet turn KLCC a madhouse.

We were immediately greeted by a throng of sales folks all clad in black and waving scent strips of Miss Dior Cherie. I was quite stunned that they are pushing this pretty old scent. Making a beeline to the mascara display, Shryh promptly unscrewed the tube and we both went,

"Fat brush! Interesting!"

First criteria for any mascara to go onto our lashes would be waterproof. The salesgirl insisted that it was smudgeproof and it would absolutely NOT budge unless we rub our eyes.

Shryh was more polite because I rolled my eyes in my head thinking,"I don't buhlerdee rub my eyes because I wear contact lenses." Besides that I could not help but retaliate,

"Oh, trust us, smudgeproof would still smudge on us. We've tried enough of mascaras!"

Nevertheless, I allowed her to comb my lashes through a few times. The results were nothing short of astonishing.

True to its name, the mascara was jet black. However, I really wished she was more conscientious about applying the mascara like we would normally. Blot the wand, apply, blot and another comb through.

It most definitely did give the volumnizing effect. However, I absolutely hated the clumped effects. Maybe the spiky-lash look is in. But I'm not one who follows after trends blindly. I just need one which lengthens, volumnizes and thickens.

Blackout does all of the above. And more.

So, 30 minutes after the application of Blackout, I started to get the tiniest hints of smudges. Another 30 minutes, I was officially a spokesperson for Panda Org.

Not only did I have to remove every single trace of the smudge, my undereye concealer had to be removed as well.

By the time I had gotten home, I peered like a maniac into the mirror and found not only more smudges (which proves one more thing: this damn thing smudges even without undereye concealer, so, Shryh, this is not just our concealer at fault. This is a whole tube of crapola!), I found tiny black FLAKES!

Smudges is one thing. But, FLAKES?! Flakes is a whole new different thing altogether! Flakes is most definitely a no-no.

So, this little tube of crapola not only smudges, it flakes! And, it costs about 5 times more than a tube of Maybelline Great Lash. You do the math, you do the logic and you tell us.

I think what irked Shryh and I more is not so much that this tube is such a piece of crap. It's more of how the salesfolks decided to push this out to us. Her insistence that it's smudgeproof on everyone was indeed laughable.

And, she ought to have taken our word for it when we said we'd tested enough of mascaras to show our skeptism at the word of "smudgeproof". That's simply the reason why Dior of Parkson lost a customer to Dior of Isetan. At least the girl at Isetan was polite, friendly and most definitely honest.

Conclusion: This newly-launched tube costs RM90-ish and is most definitely not worth your money. I'm a huge Dior fan but I'm also a very practical girl. Give this a miss and your life would be a whole lot better. Unless, of course, you've got a position with Panda Org!

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