Sunday, March 04, 2007

Shu Uemura Mascara Length and Waterproof

My relationship with mascara has been a rocky one of late. Mascaras that have seen people through weepy breakups or Olympic swim meets are no match for my stubborn lashes, who should know by dint of their stubby sparseness that dammit, they NEED the lengthening, volumizing effects of mascara. All it takes, it seems, is a blink and a tear to transfer mascara from my lashes to my undereye area.

I bought my first tube of the syntactically dubious Shu Uemura Mascara Length and Waterproof after my sister assured me that it had stayed put during a prolonged crying jag. Being a huge SU fan didn't hurt either, and SU, fortunately, did not disappoint. The Mascara Length and Waterproof applicator ends with a brush that isn't much wider than the wand, which makes it easier to control during application for someone like me with small, Chinese eyes. I use the tip of the small brush to get my outer lashes and, when I'm feeling charitable, the eleven hairs that grow on my lower lash line. The mascara coats every lash evenly with little to no clumping or flaking, and lives up to its name by visibly lengthening my lashes. I've also used the Mascara Length and Waterproof to great dramatic effect by applying 3 - 4 coats, attaining as a result sticky, tolerably sooty lashes.

My only grouse is that I'm still left with tiny smudges at the end of the day right where my outer lashes touch my undereye area when I blink or close my eyes. Therefore, I hesitate to award it full points though given my recent mascara run-ins, I'm just grateful for something that doesn't leave me looking like an American football player.

Shu Uemura Mascara Length and Waterproof is available at your nearest Shu Uemura boutique (One Utama, Mid Valley Megamall) or department-store counter (KLCC).

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