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Max Factor 2000 Calorie Curved Brush Mascara

Shryh says: I'm not sure what I love more, beauty products or learning about beauty products. Before I make a purchase, I like to research the chosen item to DEATH, which really just entails reading the beauty sections of various magazines to see what is generating buzz and being adored by editors and makeup artists. I find this especially true of my mascara purchases because mascaras can be tricky to buy - I can blend shadows, foundations, blush on the back of my hand, but I'll be damned before I bring the common mascara tester within a whisker of my mucous membranes. I hear that's how you get mad cow disease.

The Max Factor 2000 Calorie mascara is one such mascara that gets a LOT of press, and I have been meaning to try it since I picked up my first copy of Teen magazine in 1994. But I didn't get to wear makeup until I was in college, and when I did, it was so infrequent that I never ventured beyond Maybelline Great Lash and Lancome Definicils. My opportunity came only recently, years after I'd left Smith, when g33kchic heroically relinquished her LAST TUBE of 2000 Calorie Curved Brush Mascara in Rich Black which, like the Great Lash, IS NOT AVAILABLE IN MALAYSIA, just so I could sample her Holy Grail mascara.

The 2000 Calorie mascara lives up to its name. The first coat alone caused my lashes to gain like, ohmigahd, 10 pounds, even after I'd blotted the brush on a piece of tissue. What it lacked in lengthening it made up for in fatten- I mean, volumizing, and after a couple of coats, there was hardly any need for eyeliner. I like to apply 2 to 3 coats for a sooty, slightly clumpy look when I'm feeling particularly dramatic. Of all the mascaras I've tried in recent years, this is one that smudged less easily, a major plus in my books.

However, I continue my quest for my Holy Grail mascara. The 2000 Calorie fails me on two accounts: one, it uncurls my curled lashes; two, the curved brush is a little unwieldy for someone as clumsy as I. Every time I use this mascara, the brush inevitably collides with my undereye area. I currently favour smaller brushes, but perhaps if I did more soldering in my job like g33kchic instead of writing propaganda, I might be able to manipulate the brush with greater dexterity.

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Le Geeque says
: It's a simple straightforward one for me. Being a regular on gives me lots of opportunities to have a peek into a wider world of makeup. So much more compared to the miserly range we have here in Malaysia.

2000 Calorie became my HOLY GRAIL of mascara when I found that it not only gave me so much more OOMPH to my lashes. Like Shryh, its one redeeming factor for me would be that it does not smudge. At all. It's completely tear-proof. There have been many unfortunate moments when work and people around let me down driving me to succumb to tears.

But, never this mascara. No matter how bad the world is, this small little tube stays true to its nature. Despite the creamiest undereye concealer I subject it to, it remains steadfast to my lashes and completely transfer-free.

Like Shryh, too, I'm very conscientious about the application of mascara. I blot like a mad woman, apply, blot and brush my lashes through to get rid of excess to minimize smudges. The only time when this smudges, I know it's time to toss the tube out. About its 3 month limit.

Although I'm always on the constant hunt for a better mascara, I'm really thankful that no matter how the rest of the mascaras fail me, I know, deep in my makeup bag, 2000 Calorie is always faithfully awaiting my return.

Lashes are like hair. It's different from one person to another. A mascara which works on Shryh might not work on me and vice versa. Which is why, I get completely different results compared to Shryh. For my lashes, this mascara holds the curl pretty well and it lengthens pretty well as well.

Another major plus point for this mascara is that it comes off rather easily on a makeup remover towelette. A simple dab onto the eye area, the mascara is removed. To ensure the makeup is removed properly, I use an eye makeup remover to completely remove all traces though this is hardly necessary.

Long live 2000 Calorie!

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