Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Maybelline Great Lash (Waterproof) : Test 2

After the great success I had with Great Lash in the previous test, I absolutely had to subject it to more stringent tests. After sharing my success with Shryh, to my dismay (and hers!), she had absolutely no success at all with Great Lash. Like me, she subjected the tube of 'wonder' to many different types of test conditions and in every single condition, the verdict is a flat thumbs-down, big, fat, NO. So, here's what I found out today.

Test Conditions:
A thin layer of liquid foundation for an even complexion. Light dabbing of powder foundation on the undereye to set the foundation. The rest of the face is left as-is to give it a dewy, natural look. Lashes are crimped lightly with Shu Uemura's eyelash curler. I note that this thin layer of liquid foundation and a light dabbing of powder is good enough to hide my dark circles in the event a concealer is unavailable.

As with previous test, as soon as the brush is unscrewed from the tube, it's dabbed lightly onto a clean piece of tissue to remove excess. Zig-zag manner from base to tip of lashes to coat each lash. I go over each eye at least three times to ensure I achieve the desired length. Damn these Asian stubby lashes! Oh well, at least I can take pride that they are slightly curly. Finally, a lash comb is used to comb through the lashes to further remove excess.

I applied this early in the day. About 730am. By the time I got home and prepared to shower, it was 630pm. It was a good 11 hours of absolutely smudge-free undereyes! I could not believe it as well but hey, the verdict's the verdict! Talk about stringent test conditions! 11 hours of going through a tough day at work, of yawnings and of yawnings until tears form.

Of course, being the vainpot that I am, I checked my eyes throughout the day. Thankfully, my phone has a mirror on its front panel.

So, Great Lash (waterproof) has passed with flying colours 2 out of the 3 tests I have in mind. The biggest hurdle this little tube has to go through would be tomorrow. I'll be subjecting it to going hand-in-hand with my holy grail of undereye concealer. A concealer that's so emollient that it hydrates as well as it covers.

Watch how it goes!

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