Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Maybelline Great Lash (Waterproof) : Test 3

The most crucial and critical of all tests. Did Great Lash shiver and tremble with great trepidation as I picked it up from my dresser this morning? It simply has to pass this test in order for it to replace Max Factor Calorie 2000 as my Holy Grail of mascaras. The look I chose on today would be the look I choose on most days. Simple, under-stated, natural, completely free of foundation.

Test Conditions:
Undereye area concealed with my Holy Grail of concealers. The Laura Mercier Secret Concealer in 1. The area is further set with powder foundation. I'm told powder would prevent smudges. Lashes are crimped lightly once with the Shu Uemura curler.

This third day of using Great Lash, I am noticing a pattern. The tip of the brush is always overloaded with mascara. That would be where I'd dab onto the piece of tissue today. There was not much "excess" on the bristles itself so I left them alone. I applied about 3 coats of mascara onto each set of lashes. I still love that it coats each lash relatively well and they are still clump-free! Perhaps, it's due to the fact that the bristles are so widely set-apart.

Much to my dismay, by 10am, merely 3 hours of application of Great Lash, I see slight hints of smudges on my undereye. As the day progresses, I maniacally checked my undereyes. Smudges grew more and more. By lunch time, I decided to dab on another thin layer of powder to hide the smudges. These lasted me all the way until it was time to go home. By the time I got home, although the smudges are relatively-few, I'm still rather disappointed. Especially having seen completely smudge-free undereyes for the past few days! Especially having seen completely smudge-free undereyes from Calorie 2000.

It would be totally unfair to blame it on Great Lash. I would have absolutely no choice but to say that my Holy Grail of concealer would be at fault too. Its known for its high-pigmentation, high-emollient factor. However, if Calorie 2000 was able to withstand it, I absolutely could not be blamed for putting such high hopes on Great Lash!

Having said that, I would still recommend this mascara to first-timers out there. It's quite a brilliant basic mascara for lengthening, for coating each lash evenly, yes, even for its smudge-free factor. If you're out for a mascara to carry you through in a normal day, this would be the mascara for you. Good news, no?

Well, here comes the bomb of bad news. It's not available in Malaysia. If you can get someone to get it for you from the US or Australia or maybe even Singapore or Thailand carries it, then you might be able to test this out for yourself.

For now, I'd say it's still a relatively good mascara. Definitely affordable, definitely works if you don't have oily skin and most definitely understandable why it is a Holy Grail with so many around the world. Personally, I would still keep a tube of this as a backup: Realizing my 3-month expiry on my HG mascara is due with no backup tubes, Great Lash would be something I'd whip out to tie me over until I purchase a replacement Calorie 2000.

On a last note, having the same mascara will not produce identical results on every single individual. Other factors to prevent raccoon eyes would be oiliness of lids and undereye areas and condition of lashes since everyone has different type of lashes.

This has been the utmost fun "experiment" I'd done in a long time! I might even carry it a bit further and test it by setting my undereye with Bare Escentuals mineral foundation tomorrow.

Again, watch this space!

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