Thursday, January 31, 2008

Two Faced Galaxy Glam Eye Shadows.

Now, I'm a complete dunderhead when it comes to science, which is even more appalling after I tell you that I was in the Science Stream in high school. But I adore space documentaries and science-fiction movies (Mars Attack counts! Shut UP!), and wild horses cannot drag me away from a planetarium, especially the dome theatre shows. When I was in Washington D.C. last November with only an afternoon for touristy activities, I visited the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum first, cramming in two shows (one dome, one 3D) before running off to an Edward Hopper exhibit at the National Gallery. Two of my best memories include starry skies, frosty temperatures and great company. I love the feeling of wonder as I gaze up into the skies and fantasize about interplanetary travel, and the feeling of despair that we know so little still even after making great progress in space exploration. I have a greater sense of my place in the universe, which is to say, staggeringly insignificant. Stargazing is a remarkably effective ego check!

So naturally, I'm *ahem* over the moon over Two Faced cosmetics's Galaxy Glam Eye Shadow because it looks like this:

Out of this world. Picture from

Is it really eye shadow, or did someone snag a part of the galaxy with her butterfly net and set it in a silver case? Where MAC's Flashtronic mineralize shadows gleamed in the pans like planet surfaces, the Two Faced Galaxy Glam shadows make me feel like an astronaut orbiting the earth in a shuttle. The Galaxy Glam Shadows come in four shades:
  • Deep Space - black with cobalt blue
  • Moonbeam - black with laser light green
  • Shooting Star - black with galactic gold
  • Supernova (shown) - black with peach and pink
Priced at US$19.50 each, the eye shadows are available online at and various Kit Cosmetics outlets in Australia.


g33kchic said...

From Kit Cosmetics, each of these cost AUD$34.00

Shryh said...

Ouch. Then again, it took quite a lot of fuel to get makeup manufactured in the US to Australia!