Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Beauty for 2007

Shryh has done an excellent job in introducing what this post ought to be. There's no way I could top it, so, without further ado, the geek's version for this.

7. Falsies, False Lashes, Lashies with the upcoming wedding and an obstinate streak in not wanting to end up like a kabuki, I decided to do my own makeup. So, practising to latch on false eyelashes were one of the main hurdles I had to overcome. I've gained HUGE satisfaction from this process and am amazed that one does not need expensive lashes to gain the wide-eyed look. One just need lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots ... of patience.

6. Smoky Eye is one trend that doesn't seem to be ebbing away anytime soon. The latest spring collection from Chanel brings forth a very seductive smoky eye in blues and navy. I am definitely not the most adventurous when it comes to makeup. I know what works for me (Dior eyebrow pencil, concealer/highlighter pen, pressed powder to set, Dandelion, mascara and gloss) and I rarely stray from this. But, the temptation and mystery of a smoky eye proved too strong for me to resist. I finally caved in one day and started to practise. I'm starting to get more comfortable with it and have even stepped outside of the comfort zone to play with brown, purples and blue smoky eyes.

5. Mix-n-match someone once very kindly complimented on my makeup collection that it's a nice size because I have something from every colour and it's just perfect to play around with. But, being the rigid and anal person that I am sometimes, I've found it very hard to move away from mixing colours from one palette with another colour from another palette. This year, I've set aside all reservations and decided that once and for all, I need to be more adventurous. My Dior mono shadow in Ready-to-beige has been used very often in most of my smoky eye adventures as a brow highlight. At the same time, I use Smoking Black from the same range mixed with greens from my RMK trio to create a green smoky eye.

4. Perfumes & scents are something Shryh and I are always discussing. It's a year where I've amassed a pretty decent collection of fragrances. Something for every occassion there is.
For evenings: Gucci Envy Me, Stella by Stella McCartney
For daily staples to handle stupid managers and insane technical requests: Dior Addict 2, Ralph Lauren Romance
For my big day: Vera Wang Truly Pink
For insanely hot tropical days: Hermes Un Jardin Sur Le Nil, Forever & Every by Dior
For weekends and sleepless nights: Gapscent Dream
For cold, dreary, rainy days: Lacoste Touch of Pink
For flirty, girly days: Benefit Maybe Baby
Of course, a quick browse through this list tells everyone that I'm a floral fragrance kinda girl. So, my very first scent from Hermes is also my very first scent out of the floral, fruity-floral category kind of fragrance. And, ever since then, I've fallen head over heels in love with the works of the very talented Jean-Claude Ellena, perfumer for Sur Le Nil, Sur Le Mediterranee, Shryh's Eau de Merveilles and the highly-coveted Kelly Caleche. 2007 brought forth also many, many lessons in top notes, middle notes and base notes for both Shryh and myself. More for me since I've much more to catch up on. It's amazing how Shryh and I detect different notes on the same scent on the same skin. We've learnt to describe scents, we've associated images with scents and we've come a long way in distinguishing the different elements in each of the top, heart and base notes of each scent.

3. Mascara was another phase that we went through. We went through weeks of stringent testing of the many different mascaras in the market. And, believe me, when we say stringent, we really mean stringent. The mascaras were subjected to different types of environment and the results were duly noted. A clear winner for this was the much-acclaimed Maybelline Great Lash. The iconic pink and green tube is reputed to be sold once every 2 seconds worldwide. How's that for a chart topper? As for yours truly, I discovered the marvels of 2000 Calorie by Max Factor (waterproof, of course. We wouldn't expect anything less) about 5 years ago as an independent working adult in Melbourne. I promptly fell into its spell of no flaking, no smudging even under the creamiest under eye concealer. Sold! It still remains a great staple in my makeup bag.

2. Bronzer might be too harsh a term on this limited edition palette from Bobbi Brown. We all know her shimmer bricks are one of her best-selling makeup products and thus, this birthday present from Shryh in Sandstone has worked wonders on my newly Australian-tanned skin. Of course, being Asian and being completely fearful of wrinkles and lines, I slap on sunscreen very faithfully each day. But, being DownUnder in summer has most definitely given me a tan. It's not that noticeable but it's most definitely there. Dandelion works to give me a pretty flush still, but it's a tad too pink. A light dusting of Sandstone warms the cheeks up to give the slightly-sunkissed healthy look. So, my first bronzer ever.

1. Partner in crime - Shryh, we've most definitely NOT bought too much makeup. In fact, if anything, I don't think we've bought enough. Thank you for the very interesting lessons. Thank you for always reminding me of my Specktra log in and password and thank you for ogling with me on Specktra. I have yet to find anyone who's as passionate about this but hey, I'm glad this wonderful technology called the blogosphere has brought us together in this! To more makeup, more perfumes and many, many, many more chocolate and coffees.

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