Friday, January 18, 2008

Free miracles with $500 serum. Right.

You know how in certain action flicks the hero, after single-handedly dispatching armies of bad guys with his pinkie finger, makes his way into the inner sanctum of a temple, turns the wheel in the right combination, causing a cube to come floating out on a bed of dry-ice clouds and golden rays before it clicks and slides open to the sounds of a soprano-only heavenly chorus to reveal some holy grail-ish artefact that will save humankind from a Certain Fate? Judging from the picture, Amore Pacific's US$500 Time Response Skin Renewal Serum is one of those:

In paradisum deducant te Angeli...

At that price, I expect miracles to happen on my face, wine into water and all that jazz because this serum is meant to be used in conjunction with the Time Response Skin Renewal Creme (US$400) and Time Response Eye Creme (US$250). Yow. Makes my Chanel Sublimage stuff look like serfs.

1 comment:

g33kchic said...

used in conjunction eh? That's how they make money from us.

Speaking of which, how's Chanel sublimage coming along?