Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Your Australian Correspondent Updating

After the interview was over, with plenty of time left on my Metlink 2-hour ticket, I decided to roam the streets of Melbourne. Not that there's much I hadn't seen in the CBD, but I was a woman with a mission!

First stop, Belinda at GPO Bourke St. Reputed to stock Balenciaga bags but my hopes were horrendously dashed when I saw they stock merely MiuMiu and Marc Jacobs. The very friendly sales assistant directed me to Miss Louise right next to Chanel on Collins St to try my luck.

Next stop, Myer and David Jones for Laura Mercier and Chi Chi, particularly Eye Magic as detailed.

Chi Chi, to be honest, is a very fun and simple brand of cosmetics fully Australian-owned. Now, Eye Magic, is, honestly, not very impressive.

It's packaged in a rectangular paper box with clear instructions on how the strips should be applied. On a plus side, there's a huge variety of colours to suit both the warm and cool toned girls. The one I picked up was, believe it or not, for smoky eyes! In the very regular brown, black and grey shades, the smoky eye effect was achieved.

It's in fact very affordable, priced at AUD$14.95 for 7 pairs of strips.

I'm very doubtful of its effectiveness because I believe everyone has eyes that are shaped differently. I have almond-shaped, longish eyes, the Cow has irregular-sized eyes and Shryh has round eyes. So, how in the world can a strip manufactured to be mass marketed fit every shape there is in the world?

Having said all that, I'm curious to try it out.

Keep your eyes peeled for the review!

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