Sunday, January 13, 2008

Innovation or gimmick? Chi Chi Eye Magic

Press and swipe. These eyeshadow strips by Australia-based Chi Chi Cosmetics are all it takes to achieve "flawless" results. The Chi Chi Eye Magic comes in 18 different colour combinations inspired by the Australian landscape and can be found in Myer department stores and leading pharmacies across the country. "Professional eye makeup in a single stroke"? I admire the the founders' efforts to demystify the eye makeup process, but I have some doubts about the universality of their tricolour rainbow strips. Will it work on a single-lidded Asian gal? The wrinkly, saggy skin of an aging femme fatale who can barely draw a straight line with her lipstick? Will it look as fake and tacky as temporary tattoos? Only time, and our Australian correspondent, will tell. ;)

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