Friday, August 31, 2007

MAC nail lacquer: Wildfire

I have been very, very bad this month and I will be bad for the rest of the year until the Alexander McQueen for MAC collection at the very least. After I failed to find a blouse I liked enough to purchase during my lunch break, I consoled myself with a bottle of MAC nail lacquer in wildfire (black with red pearl) from the Smoke Signals collection. It looked so pretty in the bottle I bought it without even testing it, which almost turned out to be a tragedy. The first layer went on sheer, and I nearly cried with disappointment because I was promised a cream formulation. But a second coat transformed my nails and gave them a gorgeous black-purply sheen that was surprisingly more purple than black.

With flash, which shows off the colour and finish better.

Without flash.

Apologies for the bad pictures - they were taken in a hurry. Also, as these were taken on the third day of application, there is slight tip wear. Funny how one doesn't notice how much we use our fingers until one gets a manicure or applies a new coat of polish.


g33kchic said...

i LOVE it. it's a rich plum colour that's not black but with a HINT of black that's yummerlicious =)

siongee said...

Very nice colour for your skintone!! And you do a good mani!! I wish I have those nails!! :)