Sunday, September 16, 2007

MAC nail lacquer: Whirlwind

With flash:

Without flash:

Whirlwind is one of the two shades of nail lacquer from MAC's Blue Storm collection. The website describes Whirlwind as "metallic royal blue with green, blue and purple pearl" in a frost finish. This could very well be true, but that's one confusing description if anything. Looking at my nails, all I can see is dark metallic blue-green. I love the colour, which goes incredibly well with my skin tone, and in the off chance that the prayer whispered into the internet abyss will be heard by Roland Mouret, I would love a Galaxy dress in this hue.


g33kchic said...

Whirlwind and wildfire? are you coming up with a varnish collection with names starting with 'w'? =D

having said that, i love how you can carry off dark colours. I tried with a deep maroon red and although i'm happy with the results, i cannot imagine i'd have the guts to carry off this and wildfire :(

Lola said...

love that shade! hate that it never launched here - Argentina.
Cool blog, Lola.