Sunday, September 03, 2006

This fascination for whiteness

Ever since this post, I'd been wondering if I'd tanned enough to buy a whole new range of makeup. Unfortunately for me, I hadn't tanned enough to warrant such a purchase, tempting as it might all seem. However, I admit that I have taken to slathering on sunblock on my arms. Not sure it's making any difference and not sure if I really want to be bothered anymore.

So, as I peered into the mirror this morning, I noticed that I actually looked ... lo and behold! Healthy! My dark circles are not so prominent anymore (even without my magical concealer) and with a dash of Dandelion, I looked like I'd spent some time in the sun for games and sports! And, even better news is that my M.A.C. blusher in Pinch O' Peach is perfect on my skintone now!

That's it. No more trying to remove batteries from the sun. No more silly worries about how I look when I'd tanned. I look healthy and that's a far cry from the white princess I'd been.

Having said that, neither am I going to be a sun worshipper. I'd avoid the sun if I can because I detest the heat and the sweat. I'd still slap on sunblock because sunspots are the bane of my life. And so are pre-mature wrinkles. But, hey, if I need to go out into the sun, I need to go out into the sun.

Thankfully, I have a choice if I want to be fair or tanned. Oh, a little tip for those of you who crave and yearn to be fairer than what you actually are. Past experience tells me that coloured hair of light brown will make the skin look fairer than it actually is. The lighter brown/blonder you go, the lighter the skin looks.

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