Monday, September 25, 2006

Review on Dior Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss in 631 (A Blush of Wine)

Nothing fails to cheer me up more than a new tube of lipgloss. Especially since I'd been consistently finishing tubes after tubes of glosses and yet good enough in not replenishing them. So, a new tube of gloss is just perfect. A colour that's good for everyday wear and yet glamourously subtle enough for evenings when heavy eye makeup is applied.

Colour: Don't you just love this name? A Blush of Wine. I would associate wine to be deep red, even maroon, to a certain extent. A Blush of Wine. A whisper of red. That describes the colour of this perfectly. There's a hint of gold to it which warms the colour up perfectly and yet not too warm for my skin tone.

Gloss: This is from the Ultra-Gloss range. Although the name depicts it to be highly glossy, it is not so. The glossiness is subtle enough for everyday wear and yet the hint of gloss is unmistakably there to give the illusion of fuller lips.

Shimmer/Glitter: No glitter whatsoever.

Smell/Taste: Upon unscrewing the wand from the tube, a slight smell of old-school lipstick wafted to my nostrils. Having applied the gloss to my lips, the scent all but disappeared. No taste whatsoever could be detected.

Texture: Smooth and non-sticky at all.

Moisturizing Effect: This gloss comes with SPF 8 protection but I don't see how it can be moisturizing. In fact, after half a day, I see my lips flaking. It's either the colour or the skin off my lips. I had to wipe everything off clean before re-applying.

Long-lasting: This is one of the strongest point of this gloss. It lasted from way when I slicked it on at 730 in the morning till I wiped it off clean after lunch. No re-application is needed in the morning until I noticed the flaking at about 4pm. I re-applied after lunch.

Packaging: A clear square cylindrical tube with the wand encased in the cap in dark blue that's synonymous with the Dior packaging, completed with the gold top. The brand Dior is embossed onto one side of the clear tube.

Price: RM69.00 for 6ml. Not a bad value for a high-end gloss. For something that's long-lasting, it's certainly a good deal!

Others: None.

Overall: This is an excellent product not only because I absolutely adore the colour. It's perfect for daywear where you can slick it on as you go. Because the colour is rather sheer, there's no fear of looking like an idiot when going out of the lipline. I'm more of a run-and-slick gloss-on-the-go kind of girl. My worst fear is that my lip colour is way out of line and I look like a bozo on her way for a circus act. In fact, someone saw it on me today and loved it so much and asked for my help to make the purchase. I was all too happy to collect more points on my Dior card.

My rating for this? A whopping 4.80/5.0! I doubt I'd ever ranked a product this highly before. I love that this is tasteless, almost odourless and for its lasting power. Not to mention it is completely unsticky with a just the right amount of gloss.

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