Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fairification Process

As the fascination for whitening goes on, Shryh and I came up with a proper term for this process. Just as the Westerners have a tanning process, we have a fairification process in which the body undergoes treatments for that much-coveted for fairness.

Upon penning this post, I realized I looked healthy because of the tan on my face. However, because of my Asian heritage, my skin has yellow undertones giving it an uneven unkempt look. Then, it struck me why almost Asians are spending millions each year to get fair just as how our counterparts in America and Europe are spending millions to get that healthy tan.

So, I started slathering my arms each morning with whitening milk from the Nivea Body range. Because I simply don't believe in whitening products, I didn't really take note of it. I couple the whitening milk with a SPF50 sunscreen for my arms each morning before I head out.

This whitening milk claims to:
  • reduce discolouration and blemishes for a more even skin tone
  • lighten current skin tone for fairer skin
  • protect the skin and prevent future skin darkening (frankly, without SPF protection, how this is achieved, it is really questionable)
One fine morning, I peered closely into my arms and found that they had indeed gotten fairer upon application of the whitening milk! I was absolutely stupefied by my observation that I had to sit down to calm myself down. Of course being the scientist-wannabe, I replicated the "experiment" a few more times under the identical conditions.

Each time, I found that my skin really had become fairer almost immediately upon application of the milk. Watch the milk sink in and watch how your skin tone changes. However, after an hour or so, the skin tone returns to normal i.e. its original condition.

After a few weeks or so, I noticed that I really had become fairer. Face and arms in general.

I would attribute it to:
1. A more diligent routine in exfoliating my skin (with Dermalogica's Daily Microfoliant everyday as opposed to whenever I felt like it in the past)
2. The use of a sunscreen on my arms
3. The lack of sun in Penang over the past few weeks.

In conclusion? Whitening products still don't work as they claim to. At least, it's not a permanent solution. It would clarify and even out the skin tone, it would give the impression that it's whitened but in reality, sunscreen is really your best bet in getting fair. Having said that, it's still a pretty good body lotion to have. It's non-greasy and it's easily absorbed into the skin. A good bottle to keep with you at work but don't expect any miracles!

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