Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Wet Wipes, of all kinds!

I'm one of the clumsiest being around. Definitely not to mention the most absent-minded one too. Especially when I'm deep in thoughts on the latest design issue. So, as usual, I had my mug of piping hot coffee in front of me as I entertained emails from the Monday of US of A.

One particular issue was especially pressing, was especially disturbing so I grit my teeth to set my mind to some serious Calculus for the day. I swirled my chair around to reach for my stack of notes, paper and calculator and in my fashionable swing, I swung my arm around as well resulting in a less fashionable deafening *BAM*!.

My aluminium mug still containing 2/3 of my coffee had been completely spilt onto the floor and coffee splashed all over my chair, drawers, including my light grey pants for the day. I was horrified, to say the least but maintained composure enough to turn around to see if anyone had witnessed my humongous boo-boo to start the day.

No one. Whew.

I tugged one of the drawers open and grabbed my tub of wet wipes. First of all? Dab my light grey pants! One after another, I dabbed my pants to soak up any coffee stains. Then, with my pants dampened from the wipes, dry the spots with tissue paper.

From your local Tesco supermarket, this is dirt cheap and is absolutely perfect for such accidents. For those who are observant enough, you'd notice there are 2 kinds of Tesco-own brand available.

1. The brand that's manufactured in UK for the UK market. These products generally would be reject or almost-expiring if they've found their way into your neighbourhood Tesco.
2. The brand that's manufactured in Malaysia for the Malaysian market.

Needless to say (1) is of a superior quality compared to (2). You pay a heftier price as well. From wet wipes to handwash to shampoo and conditioner to even instant soups, these are the 2 ranges.

In the case of wet wipes, a lower quality one does a job just as well, so there's not much of a point in purchasing a more expensive tub. As long as it's damp, soft and cleanses, I reckon it's good enough for me.

So, for all you scatter-brains out there, keep a tub in your room, in your living room, in the car, at work, and just about anywhere! I initially bought a tub to save me the hassle of walking to wash my hands after I pinch someone else's junk food.

Looks like this humble little tub can save me more than just the 3-minute walk!


Wandernut said...

It's a must-bring when i travel... especially to dusty places!!!

siongee said...

I am an ardent fan of baby wipes actually... especially the non fragranced kind...