Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Macho, macho man: Man Glaze nail polish

Mr. g33kchic once showed up at a lunch date I'd scheduled with him and g33kchic boldly sporting black nail polish. This was in Mid Valley, mind you, one of the most crowded and bafflingly popular malls in Kuala Lumpur. I was duly impressed, and even more convinced that g33kchic had chosen the right mate for herself. When I came across Man Glaze nail polish, I was reminded immediately of his chutzpah and confidence (as well as his infinite well of patience as he followed g33kchic and I from one cosmetic counter to another on more than one occasion!). The polish is a matte finish formula and only comes in two shades -- Harum Scarum (black) and Jailhouse Rock (grey). I like brushed steel and the idea of matte polish, but I'm not sure if I want my nails to look resemble mini non-stick frying pans. As for the packaging, it's clear that it isn't the Essie crowd they're after. Man Glaze is like, so hard core since they sell for US$6.66 per bottle. Rock on, dudes! Whoooooooooooooo! *makes devil horns*

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g33kchic said...

HAHA! I remember that afternoon! That was hilarious! I've yet to find another bottle of black nail polish for myself :P And I hadn't done my nails in ages! :(