Saturday, March 29, 2008

Can you do without makeup?

March 27 was National No Make-Up Day in the United Kingdom (and also Stylish Sister of Shryh's birthday. Send her belated birthday presents of designer bags and the next It accessory!). Now, humans sleep a third of their life away; I will spend another third prowling the aisles of drugstores, swatching lipgloss shades on the back of my hands, stalking limited edition makeup and scrutinizing FOTDs posted to one of the thirty-nine beauty forums I belong to. Yet I don't wear that much makeup. I schlump around at home with a bare and shiny face, but I absolutely cannot leave the house without pencilled-in eyebrows, mascara-ed lashes and a smidgen of gloss at the very least. Do you think you can go without makeup... on a work day?

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