Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Review: Biore UV Perfect Face Milk SPF50+ PA+++

A good sunscreen that's kind on the pocket, offers high sun protection factor as well as does not break the skin out is always a good item for anyone. It doesn't make sense to me when women (and men too, for that matter!) spend hundreds, even thousands (think La Mer) on products to prevent anti-aging and step out into the beach with a sunscreen of spf15. It also baffles me endlessly that Asian women continue to spend hundreds and thousands each year on whitening products in a feeble attempt to erase blemishes and sunspots but do nothing to prevent sunspots from happening in the first place.

A very simple answer lies in your very humble bottle of sunscreen. Ever since my battle with acne began at a tender age of 18, I've always been very aware of taking good care of my skin. If a routine works for you, stick with it. Thus explains my loyalty to Dermalogica products for the past 10 years.

I've only been made aware of sunscreen when I stepped into the Australian summer. My first sunscreen is Dermalogica's Ultra Sensitive Faceblock (SPF 25). I loved that it was so creamy and that it was slightly tinted to help even out my skin tone. I'm still using that sunscreen occasionally but with only SPF25, I'm always on the hunt for something better and of a higher protection factor. I'd previously tried out Kanebo's Freshel line but was hugely disappointed with the white residue.

Which is why I did not hold much hopes up for this particular sunscreen when I bought it on a whim.

However, much to my surprise, this little bottle delivered what it promised! The colour, texture and scent is almost identical to that of Kanebo's: Milky-white, liquid and the typical sunscreen scent. The only slight difference is that the scent in this is quite strong that it pierces the nose. However, moments after application, the scent would have all but disappeared.

As with most liquid-base sunscreen, together with the liquid is a tiny little metal marble which is used to mix components up before application. Thus, the instructions would advise for users to give the bottle a quick shake before dispensing the products.

What I absolutely love about this sunscreen is that there is simply no white residue! And, given that it's of such high spf, I thought I'd end up with emphasized dark eye circles, marked difference between face and neck and the usual works. I've made it a point even to apply sunscreen when I'm at home and I do tend to reapply by middle of the day. Even with re-application, there is no white residue.

Other plus points to this sunscreen is that it doesn't break my face out. Although having said that, I do notice that my fingers tend to be a little bit oily after application, so I wouldn't call this an oil-free sunscreen. For those with sensitive skin, proceed with caution. I'm just thankful that my skin doesn't react to it.

One last plus point would the price, of course. It costs less than RM20 for a 30ml bottle when I got this at Guardian. It was on sale so, it makes sense to stock up on this if this would be a staple in my skincare cabinet.

So, yes, definitely a re-purchase and yes, can't wait to finish using up Kanebo's sunscreen to stock up more on this.

Fun fact: Years ago, when I was about 12 or 13, Biore was one of the first few cleansers and facial exfoliators I tried out.


Emerald said...

came across this old entry on the internet... i'm quite surprised you say that asian women don't do anything to protect themselves from freckles.. because if you ever buy an asian women's magazines, the ads (in the summer especially) are either for sunscreen, whitening products, or something that does both...

there's a much larger choice in products for sunscreens in asian markets that are not available in western countries, like dior, estee lauder, shiseido, and clarins...

g33kchic said...

The awareness of sunscreen helping to aid the process of whitening is still low in Asian women.

That's what I meant to say.

Just because there might be a larger range of sunscreen in Asia, it really does not mean that they're using it.

Sukkimi said...

Hmm.. i read from forum, say the blue bottle has less smell.
Internet is so tempting... whatever i read i wanna buy buy buy... Now you're making me wanna buy this! haha..