Friday, October 26, 2007

Review: Blinc Kiss Me mascara in black

Blinc Kiss Me mascara professes to form tiny 'tubes' around the lashes instead of coating them with a layer of paint like conventional, oil-based mascaras, 'tubes' that slide off with a little bit of warm water and pressure. I purchased the mascara from a beauty boutique here in San Jose last Sunday and promptly put it to the test.

The Kiss Me mascara comes in a maroon tin container, which is a bit of a novelty, but like all novelties, rather unnecessary. While I do not see the point of keeping the tin container, I cannot bear to toss it out like a common cardboard box.

Although the Kiss Me mascara originated from Japan, the land of kook and innovation, the slogan on the tube--"STOP painting your lashes... TUBE them!"--is most American. No real surprises there, since Blinc is a privately-owned company based in Delaware.

This mascara's unique formulation promises no flakes, smudges or clumps, and while my own experience has proven this to be quite true, I haven't exactly run a marathon, dived for pearls or cried over the fate of unborn children to REALLY test it. Although the website claims that the Kiss Me mascara will add volume and length to my lashes, the sales assistant was more more honest, or experienced. The mascara really just adds length, he said. Volume may just be achieved with a ten-coat application or if I prepped my lashes with the Kiss Me lash primer. True to his words, this mascara did a good job in defining, darkening and extending my lashes but did nothing to add volume even after 3 coats.

But now, for the fun part! The Kiss Me mascara is a CINCH to remove. After dissolving the rest of my makeup with my trusty Shu Uemura beauty cleansing oil, I step into the shower and let the warm droplets hit my face. I then place my index fingers at the base of my lashes and gently push the tubes off, removing every little bit of mascara within seconds. It really cannot get easier than that! This is what the 'tubes' will look like. They're more like string, aren't they?

Maybe it looks a little gross to you, but I'm still fascinated by the process despite wearing and removing the mascara for nearly a week. I wish makeup removal was this easy and painless all the time.

Blinc Kiss Me mascara retails for US$25 and comes in five shades - black, dark brown, medium brown, dark blue, dark purple and dark green. It is available for purchase online on and Amazon.


g33kchic said...

Sales assistant's honesty was REFRESHING. The tubes ARE gross but in a fascinating way. SO DAMN COOL! you BROUGHT your camera into the bathroom? :P You know the acid test we have to perform on any mascara: the LM concealer :P

Let me know :)

siongee said...

OooOohhhhh... your post is tempting me ... I received a sample earlier this year but didn't use it. Now I gotta go find it and try it out. My fear is that I will like it so much that I'd have to fork out so much for mascara!!!!!